A Band of Banned Books

The Banning and Censorship of Books

  • A Call to Arms (and Pens)

    21 Nov 2019 by

    It has come time, my friends, for me to call out to you to join the Underground Library Society with an eye-catching piece of shameless propaganda. I designed the poster above to be posted all throughout campus with the intention of getting my peers to raise the question, “what is ULS?” or, at the very… Read more

  • The Underground Library Society

    9 Oct 2019 by

    To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is an undisputed classic. It is not this way because of the writing style or the genre, but because of the underlying messages that Lee weaves into the fabric of the book. It tackles racism, sexism, PTSD, and the unjust justice system in a recollection of a woman,… Read more

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